2.3 Omenuts © Tonin al fâs un regâl

Presented by ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Regional Agency for Friulian Language)

The stories of Omenuts (Little People) recount wonders, emotions, places, people. For Toni, Lole, Pieri, Bete and Miute, the five protagonists, the world is a continuous discovery that pushes them to face new adventures every day that put them in a position to relate to others but also with their own emotions.
The characters were created in 2006 by Fisher-Price (Mattel).

The Friulian language version is promoted and financed by ARLeF.

In this episode
Tonin brings a present to his mechanic friends Indrì and Fidrì. Once at the garage, he comes across Saint Nicholas who need help with his brokes sleigh…

Theme song

Omenuts o sin nô
cun tancj biei siums
e ogni dì o cirìn di meti adun
Omenuts insiemi ducj i dîs
Omenuts e sarìn simpri amîs

Produced by Egmont Imagination
Friulian version by Belka Media
Original title: Little People
Licensed by DHX Media to Belka Media
Directed by: Erling Budde
Written by: Diana West

For the friulian version:
Friulian version by: Raja Films
In colaboration with: Arte Video snc
Production managers: Massimo Garlatti-Costa
Registration and synchronization: Raja Films
Voices: Monica Mosolo, Claudia Grimaz, Nicoletta Oscuro, Massimo Somaglino, Francesco Ursella
Theme song performed by: Lino Straulino
Traduction and adaptation: Stefania Garlatti-Costa
Assistent: Marco D’AgostiniGraphic: Claudio Zorzenon

5.00 min
Language: Friulian

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