Interest in the Friulian language and literature gave rise, from the second half of the 19th century to date, a considerable number of studies and researches, for both the processing of lexicographical repertoires and linguistic studies, therefore vocabularies and grammars, to produce anthologies and literary criticism tools. In these pages we will try to present, more specifically, some key data regarding what could be defined as the “Friulian language issue”, data that on the one hand tries to frame the problem and assess it historically, on the other hand tries to outline the peculiar characters of the Friulian language.

Friulian is the romance language that continues the Latin of the Aquileia region. It inserts in languages with pre-Roman substrate (Gallic and Venetian) and receives contributions from the languages of populations with which Friuli shared moments of its history (Germanic languages, such as Gothic, Lombard, German, and the Slavic dialects to the east of the region). We can talk about Friulian as a neo-Latin language with well-defined characteristics starting from about 1000 A.D.

There are extensive documentation records of Friulian, from as early as the 14th century, for practical and administrative uses, evidence that allow us to accurately reconstruct the linguistic history of Friuli. The fundamental linguistic character of the Friulian language is its marked archaic and traditional individuality, preserving important phenomenon of late Latin (the sigmatic plural for subjunctives, linking consonants with –l) and the development of peculiar innovations (long vowels, palatalization of velar consonants in front of –a).

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