1. I Numaruts © Now it’s your turn

“I Numaruts” is presented by ARLeF – Agjenzie regjonâl pe lenghe furlane
under license from Videoplugger LTD

“I Numaruts” is the friulian version of the BBC’s animated series Numberblocks, a show for children that helps them to learn counting supported by its main characters, the cutest blocks ever! ARLeF’s new animated series comes with 30 episodes full of songs, shapes and tons of adventures: maths has never been so fun and colorful!

Ep.1 – Now it’s your turn
After the Numaruts’ performance, it is now the Balins’ turn to put on a good show. With all the shapes they are able to make, you have to be careful! Their exceptional audience, the Numaruts, is having a great time, even though Trê always has something to say…

Friulian language edition: CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione del FVG
General Coordinator: William Cisilino
Dubbing Director: Rita Maffei
Translation: Sportel regjonâl pe lenghe furlane – Michele Calligaris and Veronica De Giorgio
Dialogue adaptation: Barbara Bregant
Voices: Manuel Buttus, Roberta Colacino, Serena Di Blasio, Rita Maffei, Nicoletta Oscuro
Singers: Elsa Martin, Jvan Moda, Matteo Sgobino
Music consultant: Matteo Sgobino
Recording: Delta Studios S.r.l.
Sound engineer: Vittorio Vella
Adaptation of titles and graphics in the Friulian language: Quasar corporate
Thanks to: Francesca Battistutta, Emanuele Galloni, Giorgio Milocco, Sabina Pituello, Marina Valentinis

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