Official Toponymy

The official toponyms in the Friulian language were approved by Decree of the President of the Regional Council no. 16 of 13 February 2014. The list includes both the toponyms in the official Friulian language and those in the local Friulian variant. The official toponyms were defined by taking account of the opinion of the concerned municipalities.

In this respect please note the link relating to records concerning the territorial delimitation for the application of Law 482/99.

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“Denominazioni toponimiche ufficiali in lingua friulana” DPGR_016-2014
“Denominazioni toponimiche ufficiali in lingua friulana” ALLEGATO al DPGR_016-2014
Bollettino Ufficiale n. 9 del 26 febbraio 2014
List of the Friulian-speaking municipalities
Friulian-speaking municipalities

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