Media are a fundamental instrument in promoting and developing minority languages.

Employing the Friulian language in the press and in broadcasting, but especially in writing, is of strategic importance for the growth of the language itself. Not only does it transmit information and news, but in so doing it also sends the message that a minority language is a viable tool in all spheres of daily life, even outside the domestic domain. Moreover, it also promotes literacy by not confining it to being merely an oral means of communication.

Thus, properly used, the media can boost literacy, raise awareness and improve skills.

Friuli’s Regional Law no 29/2007, “Regulations designed to advance, promote and support the use of the Friulian language” (arts 20/23), applies to the use of Friulian in the media, namely radio, television, press and other printed works (books and magazines, including multimedia and cd or dvd material, films, works for the theatre and musicals), as well as the internet and new technologies that make use of Friulian in their work and which the regional administration encourages and supports financially through the Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana.

Law no 29/2007 supplements the previous Law no 15/1996 by adding specific regulations with regard to funding, but only concerning radio and television, leaving the Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana the job of funding other publishing and promulgation ventures by means of specific financial support notices.

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