The ARLef patronage is a proof of the Agency’s moral support to initiatives deemed worthy in relation with their purpose, that is, the promotion of the Friulian language or other minority languages and cultures. The term “initiative” refers to activities organised by associations, committees and non-profit-making foundations and other non-profit-making organisations, institutions and public companies, such as an event, a conference, an exhibition, a publication. The patronage is granted exclusively with reference to the initiative or to the specific work for which it is requested, and only for the period of time included between the beginning and the end of the initiative, and the duration of the work. ARLeF grants its patronage, upon resolution of its President, as a zero-grant contribution, that is, without assigning any financial benefit.

The regulations governing the criteria and the procedures for the granting of the ARLeF patronage and the application form are available for downloaded here below.

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Regulation ARLeF patronage (IT)
Procedures for the granting of ARLeF patronage (FUR)

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