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The official recognition of the Friulian linguistic minority is underpinned by three laws: Regional law no. 15 of 1996, State law no. 482 of 1999 and more recently Regional law no. 29 of 2007.

Regional law no. 15/96 was the first legal measure that officially recognised Friulian as a “language” and explicitly established the possibility for local entities to provide for its use in their committees, toponyms and, more generally, in their relationships with the citizens. The Regional law has also identified an ad hoc linguistic policy body – the Osservatori pe lenghe e pe culture furlanis – in 2005 replaced by an autonomous agency: Agjenzie regjonâl pe lenghe furlane (ARLeF) – and outlined the first actions to be undertaken in the public education and radio-television system sectors.

Though enforced with some delay, Law no. 482/99 enabled to complete and extend the scope of protection already defined by regional legal provisions. State law, in fact, contains more specific provisions on teaching minority languages at school and provides for a general right to use such languages in all public administration offices located in a given territory. The legal regulations governing the planning of public radio and television are quite significant although, at present, basically not yet implemented.

After 11 years since the approval of Law no. 15/96 and eight years after the approval of the State law, the Region felt the need to “handle” the linguistic law on Friulian, approving a new regional protection law: Law no. 29/07 (Legal regulation for the protection, value-enhancement and promotion of the Friulian language). This choice was dictated by the need to overcome some of the limits set by previous legal regulations as well as perform new competences accepted by the Region following the reform of Title V of the Constitution, as well as the approval of Law Decree no. 223/2002 (a specific implementation decree of the Autonomy Statute dealing with minorities).

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