14. Tui e Tuie © Il tesaur dal pampagal

“Tui e Tuie” is presented by
ARLeF – Agjenzie regjonâl pe lenghe furlane (Regional Agency for Friulian Language)

Produced by Toonbox Studio
Licensed by Planet Nemo Animation to Belka Media
Friulian version by Belka Media

Original title: Kit & Kate
Licensed by Planet Nemo Animation to Belka Media
Directed by: Vladimir Ponomarev
Written by: Vladimir Ponomarev, Micheal Mennies, Mike deSeve

For the friulian version:
Friulian version by: Raja Films
Production managers: Massimo Garlatti-Costa, Elisabetta Ursella
Registration and synchronization: Raja Films
Voices: Sonia Cossettini, Claudia Grimaz, Massimo Marini, Monica Mosolo
Theme song performed by: Claudia Grimaz, Monica Mosolo
Traduction and adaptation: Marla Davies, Venusia Dominici, Elisabetta UrsellaEditing: Ines Cecatti, Nevio De Conti, Riccardo Garlatti – Costa

5.30 min
Language: Friulian

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