Lussie la lusigne

10. Pimpa®

Produced by ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Regional Agency for Friulian Language)

From the famous comic strip created by Altan and first published in 1975 in Corriere dei Piccoli, here’re the adventures of the lovable white puppy with red dots and a little girl’s voice, together with her friend Armando and many other characters.

In this episode: Lussie the firefly (Lussie la lucciola) (10). Armando goes to town. Pimpa wakes up overnight and she finds out he didn’t make it home. She’s worried and she asks he friend Lussie for help…

This animated version in the Friulian language was produced and broadcast by Rai Friuli-Venezia Giulia for the first and the second series – the first directed by Osvaldo Cavandoli (La Linea) and the second by Enzo D’Alò (The seagull and the cat) – respectively in 2002 and 2008. Pimpa® was translated not only in English, Spanish, German and French but also in minorized languages such as Ladin, Friulian and Sardinian. In 2013, thanks to the initiative of ARLeF – Regional Agency for the Friulian Language, and the collaboration with RAI – Italian Radiotelevision, Quipos srl and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, thirteen episodes of the successful series in Friulian were published on a DVD entitled “Pimpa® par furlan”.

Theme song

Viôt la Pimpa, vele ca
blancje e rosse dute a pois
e l’Armando mostacjon
cul cjapiel e un grant napon.

Co l’Armando al va a polsâ
Pimpa e sgarfe intal armâr
e tu puedis stâ sigûr
che un biel zûc e tire fûr.

E cumò ducj a mangjâ
che la Pimpa e à tante fam
se la storie ti à cjapât
a riviodisi e maman!

Concept and screenplay: Francesco Tullio Altan
Director: Osvaldo Cavandoli
Music: Corrado Tringali
Animation: Studio G.L.M.
Translation: Elio Bartolini
Artistic coordination and dubbing direction: Claudia Brugnetta with the consultancy of Paolo Patui
Voices: Maria Ariis, Andrea Collavino, Claudia Grimaz, Elvio Scruzzi, Andrea Zuccolo
Mixing: Federico Comar, Giuliano Pecorari
Postproduction: Cristian Cociancich, Davide Pavanello

Duration: 5.00 min.

RAI – Regional headquarters of the F-VG / ARLeF Regional Agency for the Friulian Language / Regione F.V.G./Quipos s.r.l.
DVD 58 min. (13 episodes)

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