Ipolit e Anzuline

Story of a friendship inside and outside Colloredo castle

Anzuline is a very shy girl who struggles to make friends with other children. One day, while walking at the foot of the Colloredo castle, she meets the bunny Patty, who takes her inside the castle to give her comfort. While they are playing, the little girl draws her ideal friend, calls him Ipolit and, as if by magic, he appears. Together they will discover the Castle, the animals that live there and its hidden wonders.

Work intended for children attending the last section at kindergarten and 1st class at primary schools, located inside the Continuity Project of the Pagnacco Institute, and the Plurilingualism Project for the Kindergarten.
From the educational path to dialogue with the territory: a proposal to enhance the affection for local artistic heritage a.s. 2016/2017
The languages ​​that have been used are Friulian, Italian and English, with translations also in German and Slovenian.

Project promoted by the Municipality of Colloredo di Monte Albano and implemented by local preschools and primary schools for the 2016/2017 school year, with the patronage of ARLeF – Regional Agency for the Friulian Language.

Serena Martini e Angela Tedeschi
Municipality of Colloredo di Monte Albano


Texts: Serena Martini and Angela Tedeschi
Elaboration of the story: Serena Martini and Angela Tedeschi
History, nursery rhymes and narration in the Friulian language: Serena Martini and Angela Tedeschi
Song adaptation for the magic formula in English: Lorena Trevisani
Dances: Cristina Vit
English: Luca and Nora Nicli
Friulian: Sportello Friulano dell’ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana
Slovenian: Miran Korošec
German: Sara Itollo
Graphic design: G. Aita
Press: Luce srl – Udine, 2020
Illustrations: Anastasia Fabbro
Drawings by the children of the Kindergarten and Primary School of Colloredo di M.A. (UD)
Publication by the Municipality of Colloredo of M.A.


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