Viaç tal Patriarcjât di Aquilee


An ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane, Informazione Friulana and ALL production.

The historical docufilm in Friulian language, directed by Marco D’Agostini, tells the journey of Carolina, a 14-year-old girl who carries out research on an important phase of history and collects the most significant passages of over three centuries of events on the territory ( 1077-1420): from its foundation to its progress as a fluid political-religious entity, a synthesis between center and suburbs, city and countryside, until its decline also due to the alliance of part of the Friulian nobility with the Venetians.

The film premiered during the XII Edition of the Aquileia Film Festival, in August 2021.


Direction: Marco D’Agostini
With the partecipation of: Carolina De Clara, Luca De Clara, Angelo Floramo, Fabiano Fantini, Claudio Zinutti
Screenplay: Marco D’Agostino e Luca De Clara
Cinematography: Claudio Cescutti
Editing: Marco D’Agostini e Mirko Monti
Illustrations and animation: Alessio Rizzo e Michele Zardetto
In cooperation with: Regione Autonoma F-VG, Fondazione Aquileia, Fondazione Friuli

Language: Friulian, Italian
Duration: 50 min

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