Episode aired the 16.04.2021 Season Five

Maman!© – 05-26 – DINOSAURS IN FRIULI

Maman! the tv show for kids in friulian language.
Broadcast on Telefriuli (channel 11) every friday at 6.30 pm

Maman!’s house is full of colours, nice and fun. There lives Daria, always cute and cheerful, and Vigji, her fluffy and whiner cat. Every Friday Daria waits for la posta di Maman! (Maman!’s Mail) to arrive, when children write emails from home, with questions and curiosities to discover together. Cartoons as Rite e Cjossul and Tui e Tuie, games, workshops, jokes, books to read and songs to sing all together, are the right ingedientrs to spend afternoons full of fun.

Produced by ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Regional Agency for Friulian Language) and Telefriuli

In this episode: Dinosaurs in Friuli (26)

Host: Daria Miani
Authors: Daria Miani and Francesca Battistutta
With the participation of: Chiara Donada, Silvia Piani, Silvia Gazzetta e Manuel Buttus
ARLeF Production manager: William Cisilino
General coordination: Calt sas
Directors: Martina Beraldo, Francesco Snidero
Original music: Flaviano Miani (musica), Daria Miani (testi)
Optimisation and linguistic consultancy: Sportello Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Calt sas)
Special thanks: Adriana Cruciatti, Federica Del Pino e Marina Valentinis
Duration: 25 minuts ca


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