Episode aired the 13.01.2017 Season One

Maman!© – 01-04 – SERENA MARTINI

Maman! the tv show for kids in friulian language.
Broadcast on Telefriuli (channel 11) every friday

Produced by ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Regional Agency for Friulian Language) and Telefriuli


Host and Author: Daria Miani
Director: Luca Fornasiero
Music: Flaviano Miani
Editing and linguistic consultancy by ARLeF: Priscilla De Agostini, Linda Picco, Miriam Pupini
Project manager on ARLeF behalf: William Cisilino
Coordination on ARLeF behalf: Priscilla De Agostini
Theme song Maman!: voice and words by Daria Miani, music di Flaviano Miani, pictures by Silvia Raber, animation by Pierangelo Buttazzoni and Davide Nicolicchia
Logo Maman!: Calt Udine
Duration: 20 minutes ca


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