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Leam – Lessic aministratîf manuâl

This Administrative Legal Dictionary is a fundamental contribution to the linguistic normalization of the Friulian language and to spread awareness that historical languages ​​such as Friulian must be routinely present within public institutions, both as a working tool and in relations with citizens. The Leam manual, together with the other IT tools available, therefore represents an important tool for consolidating the use of the Friulian lexicon in regulations, laws, in administrative and public daily life.

The use of the language in the activities of the public administration in an official way underlines a particular importance for its symbolic, emblematic, simplifying effects which lead to an increase in the general use of the language. The recovery and protection of linguistic diversity, and in particular the normalization of the use of minority languages, such as Friulian, therefore represent a source of wealth for linguistic communities, as a living and indispensable element of identity.


Curated by William Cisilino
A project of the Province of Udine
With the support of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Law 482/99)
With the patronage of the University of Udine
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Thanks to the Office for the Friulian language and other minority languages, the Europäische Akademie Bozen – European Academy Bolzano and the Generalitat de Catalunya

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Curated by William Cisilino
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