1. Tui e Tuie © Tui, tui, tui… torte murucule

Presented by ARLeF – Agenzia Regionale per la Lingua Friulana (Regional Agency for Friulian Language)

Tui and Tuie are brother and sister, and they are two very sweet blue kittens but a little messy. Thanks to a magic box and a vivid imagination, they are transported away from home and live adventures full of surprises and discoveries, learning from their travel companions the small rules of social life such as, for example, do not raise your voice, respect timetables, do not judge people.
The cartoon is a Russian production: the series aired in Australia and New Zealand on Disney Channel and on other television channels, and in Italy on Rai Yoyo.

In this episode
Inside the magic box, Tui and Tuie find two sailor hats. They decide to leave for the Island of Blueberry Pies. Before getting on the ship, Tuie is distracted by playing with a butterfly, with some ducks, with leaves on the ground and, in the meantime, the ship sets sail…

The Friulian language version is promoted and financed by ARLeF.

Theme song

Dulà larìn,
ce che o sarìn,
ce fasarìn
e cui cjatarìn.
Si divertìn,
Chel lu savìn!
Nin nin tuis dai nin
Nin tuis tuis dai nin!


Produced by Toonbox Studio
Licensed by Planet Nemo Animation to Belka Media
Friulian version by Belka Media

Original title: Kit & Kate
Licensed by Planet Nemo Animation to Belka Media
Directed by: Vladimir Ponomarev
Written by: Vladimir Ponomarev, Micheal Mennies, Mike deSeve

For the friulian version:
Friulian version by: Raja Films
Production managers: Massimo Garlatti-Costa, Elisabetta Ursella
Registration and synchronization: Raja Films
Voices: Sonia Cossettini, Claudia Grimaz, Massimo Marini, Monica Mosolo
Theme song performed by: Claudia Grimaz, Monica Mosolo
Traduction and adaptation: Marla Davies, Venusia Dominici, Elisabetta UrsellaEditing: Ines Cecatti, Nevio De Conti, Riccardo Garlatti – Costa

5.30 min
Language: Friulian

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